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KeyPoard Build Log

I got the case from the machine shop! Case

I choose a slightly different key switch hole to make it more machinable, but allowed the switch tops to be replaceable without desoldering. Case

Here it is with the Cherry MX Blues. The fit is so tight! There is very little wiggle of the switches even without a pcb. The power of precision CNC machining. Case

And with R3 only blank key caps! Case

I choose R3 only key caps so the entire keyboard would be flat. Case

Hand wired the matrix. Case

The trackpad fits perfectly and clicks without friction! But I did screw up the corner radius so there is a gap. Stupid imperial vs metric strikes again! Case

The radius in the back matches the trackpad perfectly! But there is a gap in order to make it machinable. Case

Like lowploy, I wired the rows and cols with ribbon cable. Case

Wired the ribbon cables to the controller. You can tell I am pro at soldering! Case

For the firmware, I first tried to use Hasu’s, but I wired the matrix backwards to what the code expects. I attempted to flip the matrix in the code, but it didn’t work and I couldn’t figure it out.

So I gave up and tried the Phantom firmware because it was quite a bit more simpler. The code already expects reading from the rows, so all I had to do was reconfigure the code. Unfortunately the code hardcoded which pins are row/cols so I had to generalize that.

I fired up the code and only found 2 mistakes in the physical matrix and had to resolder the the ribbon cable to the controller to clean up the stray wires.

Otherwise everything just mostly worked! I actually can’t believe how little debugging I had to do (ignoring the fact I couldn’t get my modified version of Hasu’s code to work).